Monday, 21 May 2012

Street Art

I came across these recently-made mosaics in carpark at Asda last time I went shopping in the High Street. They have all been made by local groups. I love the colours, and they are a real treat for the eye and brighten up the place no end!


A long hiatus - sorry! Exam marking, 450 end of year reports, a study day for my Theology course, singing in a concert, plus ongoing problems with my netbook mean that I've not been able to blog. I can follow on my iPad though, so I'm up to date with the lovely blogs I follow.

I've had some lucky glass finds in charity shops recently: the beautifully shaped glass plate was a bargain at 50p in Cambridge, the super-sweet pink candlestick £1, and the little jug and pepper pot 50p a piece. The little jars will be perfect for preserves, and were 3 for £1 at this evening's Bring and Buy at W.I.

Just waiting for some surplus fruit to turn into jam and chutney

Pretty glassware - love the Deco-esque plate. Not sure if it is for cake or the dressing table.

How does it look with a cherry cake?