Sunday, 26 June 2011


I've finished Mairead's cushion. I hope she likes it and it matches with her pink and mauve sofa throw.

I used a mixture of suffolk puffs and crochet daisies - all upcycled, and the cover was made from white cotton I had already.


I've had two super outings to the theatre in the last week! I went to see 'Blink Again' with Anthony at the Above the Stag theatre; a sequel to a show we saw last year. It's an evening of great songs from musicals that weren't successful on the stage in the West End or on Broadway. There were just 5 performers, and the space is tiny - like someone's sitting room. We had dinner beforehand at Wagamama, so it was a lovely way to relax after a day at School.

Teresa and I went to see The Railway Children at the old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo, actually on the platforms and the tracks, with a real 1906 steam train. A very strong cast, with Marcus Brigstocke as Mr Perks, complete with Yorkshire accent. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and yes, I did cry at the end, as I knew I would! Karol in my form was in the children's cast last year, but I didn't manage to see her. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to see a show in town.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Yet more flowers

Jenny gave me a really nice swingy skirt she bought for herself and changed her mind about - I love it! I made her this little flower to say "Thankyou", and then made lots more to put on a cushion for Mairead as a housewarming pressie for her new flat. I'll show you when it's finished.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sunshine and showers

I looked for rainbows today as it was in turns pouring with rain and beautiful sunshine, but wasn't lucky. Today was the pre-tennis Wimbledon Fair on the common, so I paid a visit. I really went to see another blogger I follow, Holly of It was super to meet her and her husband Steve, and look at their lovely things. Last week on her blog I saw a pretty tin, looking like cross-stitch, and wondered if it would go into the shop. Lo and behold, it was on the stall - even better - so I snapped it up!

I found another tin, these cute fridge magnets and lots of inspiration. Roll on the Summer hols when I can get crafty!

The forecast is better for tomorrow - so we can crack on and win the 3rd Test!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More lucky finds

I found this handmade apron for just a pound, and will add pockets, a pincushion and a loop for scissors so I can wear it when I am sewing. Then I won't be searching for the needle I have stuck in my clothes or the arm of the sofa, I can keep little bits and pieces in the pockets and the scissors will be always to hand.

I liberated this droplets from a broken light fitting someone had thrown away in the rubbish. They are glass, but after a good wash will look nice and shiny like crystal. To become earrings perhaps, or to trim a bag.

Monday, 13 June 2011

More music-making

Another opportunity to make music collectively yesterday; Haydon Chamber Orchestra with Beethoven Coriolan Overture, Mozart Flute concerto no. 2 with Csenge, (say 'Chengee' as she's Hungarian) Rossini, (Signor 'Crescendo'), Cinderella overture and Mozart Paris Symphony. Had a good fanbase; Suzanne, Krzysia and Michael, Gabrielle, Ursula and David all came to listen. The concert was for the Stroke Association, and we made a good amount of money.

On the way, I found a lovely cake decorating shop - check out these biscuits! Too pretty to eat!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lots of treats

What a treat! I went to Mrs Moon's Wool shop in St Margaret's to a book signing by Jane Brocket. I follow her blog, ( avidly and asked her to sign my copies of her 5 books; (I did email her first to see if she minded me monopolising her!) and she generously obliged! She obviously reads all her comments, and remembers who wrote what, as she knew all about me from comments I've left - most impressed! I don't know how she has the time to knit, make quilts, write books, bake cakes, look after 3 teenagers and a husband!

Homemade lemonade and cakes by Jane  (a true domestic goddess!) and Susan from Mrs Moon's made it even more of a treat. I found some sweet gingham ribbon and some very pretty buttons to be turned into hairpins or brooches. The lovely plate was a lucky find in Weybridge when I last went to see Lorna.

Up the road in another nice little shop, this basket called my name and asked to come home with me, and it would have been rude to refuse!

Home via the High St, and - oh joy! -  Tiger has opened a branch in the Treaty Centre! Pro:saves a trip to Hammersmith when I want a quirky pressie for someone special or little treat for me. Con:too much temptation when I'm only supposed to be buying groceries.... Found these lovelies. Then, a plain navy Gap skirt in my favourite charity shop, which will receive a nautical treatment to make it a bit more special. Quite a haul for not much money.

A gorgeous perfume from this beautiful blossom met me outside St Margaret's station; I think it might be linden. I must go on a hunt for elderflowers as well, to make some cordial.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside!

I went down to see Mummie for Thursday and Friday of Half term, and on the way went to the Russell-Cotes museum, which I hadn't visited since I was at school. Just outside on the railings on the Overcliff were these wonderful seaside-y metal sculptures - great fun!

The museum has had a Lottery grant and has had much work done to modernise the visitors' entrance, shop and cafe whilst still retaining the lovely Victorian / Edwardian opulance I remember in the main house and exhibition spaces, with the indoor fountains and Moorish mosaics the highlights.

What views!

The family were real globe-trotters - they must have been amongst the first to visit Japan when it opened itself to the West, visiting in the 1880s. How long must that have taken by train and sea?! Also to Russia, Scandinavia and other farflung European destinations, with lovely things brought back as souvenirs.


Here's the dress I wore to the wedding - in its stages from material to finished article.
                                             Sanderson 'Little Chelsea' from Ebay

Lining the bodice


I wore it with a silver lurex cardigan, silver ballet pumps and silver bag. And of course the fascinator I made at the girls' weekend. I crocheted some little flowers to go on the cardigan. I was pleased with the outcome, but the bodice is too big, so I shall alter the zip and collar, and it should be fine.



Yesterday was Lorna and Richard's wedding, in the Tithe Barn at Hurley near Maidenhead - a beautiful day in lilac and green. Got up at 6 to finish my dress (more about that later!) so a long day, but lovely! Such a beautiful day - weather, colours, music (of course! Being a singer... we had Cosi fan tutte, Coronation of Poppea, Haydn string quartets, Queen of Sheba, some Cole Porter.....) outfits, company, food, all fantastic.

                                                          Beautiful Bridesmaids

Beer for Lorna, forget the champagne!