Sunday, 27 February 2011

Scarf for Laura

My friend Laura is moving to Frankfurt, and I was wondering what to do for a farewell gift. In the end I knitted her (today, in 3 hours) a new cosy scarf to keep her warm in the German winter. I started it on no.8 needles, and did about half, but the fabric was a bit too stiff, so I unpicked it and started again on no.15s; much looser and more flexible.  Debbie gave me the wool, and Laura likes neutral colours, so it was perfect. A fringe on the ends adds a nice detail. I just need to make a card now. Unfortunately, Laura's departure means the end of our Polish lessons, but I shall keep it up. I shall have plenty of speaking practice with girls at school, and will carry on working through the text book. Gabrielle and Krzysia come to my Putney concerts, so I shall still see them regularly. The end of an era though - we all started together nearly 10 years ago.

We have our last lesson tomorrow, so I made some Red Velvet fairy cakes, with a Smartie on top. They are very nice - we sampled one each!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More tea?

Enjoying my first day of half-term proper after spending two days organising and supervising a Revision Centre at school for the girls taking exams in the summer, I made a pilgrimage to my favourite charity shops in Chiswick and Hounslow and got very lucky!

I'm collecting a shabby-chic tea set of mis-matching trios, and found these lovely ones today. I have four now, so will probably stop, unless I see some really pretty ones I simply can't resist...

I think this little all-in-one teapot and cup will be perfect for herbal or fruit tea, with marmalade on toast.

   And this unusual little pot will be home for unusual little pieces of cutlery.

To Winchester with Mummie tomorrow, so shall see what we find there! 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More surrealism

More Alice in Wonderland; found this in my favourite charity shop.

For big lips, or just long-lasting?!

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Saw this in Marks & Spencer and couldn't resist! Like Alice in Wonderland.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

hand dyed

I had a go at dyeing cotton yarn, which I spent hours untangling and re-winding, with natural vegetable pigments. The yellow came from turmeric, and the (very) pale pink, beetroot. I'm going to try onion skins (for brown/yellow) spinach, and red cabbage (purple) next. Then I'll have a rainbow.

                                                     before .......


I'll show you the results when I've made something.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

St Julie's marmalade

We celebrated St Julie's Day on Friday at school, and I usually make my marmalade before to sell and raise money, but I was even busier then usual this year, so I'll take it in tomorrrow instead. Made 9 pots for school, 1 for my Polish teacher, 1 for Mummie and 1 for me. My friend Teresa gave me the fabric ready cut for patchwork - ideal for hats for the jars.


                                                    During ...............

                                                  After ...............

While I was in an orange mood, I made some spiced rum for Christmas gifts.

And some Seville gin, which has to be left alone for 3 years, when the peel has distintegrated. I hope I can wait that long!

And here's a bit of role reversal - Kathryn and I in school uniform for the day!