Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I made this little rose bag for Shani's birthday to pop in with her other presents; a lavender candle, two wooden bangles and a hanging lavender and silver wooden flower I found in Wisteria. We were in a soap boutique in Hythe during our planning weekend, and she said she'd like one. The fabric is a blouse I found in my favourite charity shop in the high street, which I only bought for the buttons, pink glittery glass ones, as the style didn't suit me. It's quite open-weave linen so perfect for allowing the fragrance through but not the flowers.


I had a lovely weekend with Mummie; we went to all our favourite shops of lovely things (and bought some presents for Christmas - won't blog them just yet!) on Saturday afternoon, and to see the Yeoman of the Guard at the Regent Centre in the evening. On Sunday, Pippa rang after church, so nice to talk to her and Milli, who told me all about her birthday party, (including the names of all her friends that came!) and we went for a very nice lunch at the Bailey Bridge.

Mummie spotted this motorbike outside an antique/all sorts of interesting things shop;and found out it was made by an inmate in prison and then sold on a few times.

We've both been collecting things for the boxes - I love scouring the shops looking for things to put in them! - and I took down mine.

One for a little boy

One for a little girl

Friday, 23 September 2011

Pretty in pink

From a little crochet flower, a vintage shirt button and some pony beads I made this hairband and bracelet for Milliana's birthday - she was seven on September 21st. I found some other sweet bits and pieces; a keyring with a big M, a vintage brooch with a tiny dolly inside, a kit to make Birthday cards, some sparkly butterfly hair clips and some multicoloured hair elastics.

Hope you had a Very Happy Birthday, Milli, from Aunty GiGi x

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Hearts in abundance for my birthday! Pippa gave me amongst other treasures this lovely tin, and Kenya made me this sweet heart. I'd admired the one she made for Mummie, and now I'm lucky enough to have my own, crafted by her.

Mummie gave me this kit to make a hanging heart as well, so I spent a very pleasant and relaxing hour or so this afternoon making it. I made a template so I can make another, and just used one butterfly.

Flutter by, Butterfly!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tea and Cake

School started again on Monday, and after a few weeks pleasing myself, it's back to a busy time. The weekend is a chance to unwind and recharge batteries; tea and cherry cake help to do that.

I haven't baked very much since Sean went on his travels - now he's back I can get back into the habit again - hooray!