Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Spectacle

Wow! What a fabulous Opening Ceremony! An amazing celebration which made me feel so proud to be British, and got the hairs on the back of the neck standing up! I loved the James Bond segment, good on you, Ma'am! And the petal flame finale was fantastic! No-one does it quite like us with our quirky sense of humour for all-round entertainment.

More opportunity to get patriotic again.

Time to crack open the souvenir biscuits from M&S

Here are the lovely things from Shazronnie for the Jubilee Swapsie; super card and yoyo brooch.

Sharon made this fab shopping bag from a pillowslip, and I just added some beads for the occasion.

Union Jack-ed up my pudding this evening

Nice cup of Earl Grey to finish, again thanks to Shazronnie for this sweet trio. Beautiful gifts! Check out the things I sent to her on her blog:!

Enjoy the Games! Go Team GB!!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Catch up

Sorry to be away so long! School stuff, mostly, but after Thursday I will be on holiday!

We had our Senior Leadership Team planning weekend a little while ago, a rare sunny weekend, and we were at our usual hotel by the sea in Hythe, on the Kent coast.

 The hotel was right on the sea front - lovely for an early morning walk before breakfast!

How lovely to live here, right on the river.

Great street names!

Lovely spring flowers everywhere

Sadly, this lovely teashop was closed by the time our meeting was finished on Saturday afternoon, so took a quick photo before tea back at the hotel, with not such pretty cakes!

Hythe has a plethora of quaint charity shops, too. Will show you my finds on the next post - they were open on Saturday afternoon!