Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! Beautiful sunshine, beautiful service at church, lots of chocolate and a nice peaceful day.

                          I made some Easter muffins this morning for the occasion.

Bunny Family wishes you a Happy Easter too! Mummy and Daddy Bunny were presents, and I found the children in the supermarket!


  1. Cool, A hello kitty easter, your muffins look yummy, we had a good day, The easter bunny left a trail of eggs & some hidden ones for the girls & I had a mini egg EGG, I do love the crispy outer & chocolate inside, then later a meal at Jo & Tim's, lovely day x

  2. We had a great Easter the Easter bunny left us some yummy eggs mummy and daddy got us a big kinder surprise we still haven't finished it and the easter bunny left us a big egg too I like the bird's you made!!!
    love u
    love from kenya


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