Wednesday, 26 October 2011

100th Blog!

I've just looked at my stats, and see that up till this one, I have posted 99 blogs! So to bring up my century at the crease, here are some images of Christchurch local schools were commissioned to design in 2009, in the railway station.I had noticed them before, but never photographed them, until Monday, when I had a whole 10 minutes to spare before the train came to go back to London. The brief was "What does Christchurch mean to you?"

The Grange (my Almer Mater) brought the Priory, the monastery ruins and the Avon and Stour to the fore.

Twynham looked at individuals' impressions as a collage.

Highcliffe represented the beach at Mudeford

             Makes waiting for the train very pleasant!

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  1. How gorgeous, they are all fab but my favourite is Highcliffe because I love beachy scenes.... Glad you had a good day with mum xx


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