Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happy Jubilee!

Happy Jubilee to everyone! Hope you are enjoying the long weekend, even though the weather is pretty horrid. Didn't seem to dampen the celebrations though. I did have a look at all the preparations and decorations going up last week, and all the horses rode past school at 8.30 on Thursday morning causing much excitement amongst the girls, but stayed at home and enjoyed the television coverage instead of braving both weather and crowds.

The sofa got dressed up

Handbag goodies

Nothing like a nice cup of tea

Festive feet

Rob Ryan papercut from Stylist Magazine

Patriotic knitting - just right for Lakota's swapsie

I found this silk hankie on Ebay last year - far too nice for nose-blowing!

Marks and Spencer always come up trumps for a national occasion

We watched a lovely programme yesterday, Prince Charles looking back on home movies, from when he was a baby up till his Investiture as Prince of Wales when he was 21. They look such a normal family, even though the Queen and Duke had such a public life the children seemed to do all the usual things children do, and Her Majesty was a real hands-on Mama, even though they lived in palaces and castles! He said she practised wearing the crown before the Coronation, to get used to how heavy it was, even when she was bathing him and playing with the corgis!


  1. Happy Jubilee! Lovely post, fab painted toe nails! We have a had a brilliant wkend. Ive really enjoyed the celebrations xxx

  2. Love all yr Jubilee keep sakes, hope you put a couple of things away for yr loving sister, beings its nearly my birthday & all!!! ust finished watching the concert, brilliant show as per usual, feeling very homesick & patriotic. I also have watched a few things on the Queen not realising how beautiful & stylish she was back in the day, I especially liked the turbans in the 70's xx


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