Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stir up Saturday

I made my puddings on Saturday this year as I was busy all day on Sunday, singing at Peter's church for their Patronal Festival of Christ the King, and then later playing in Vivaldi's Gloria at All Saints Putney for Alison's choir. A lovely day of music-making, and also lovely food - a shared lunch at Christ Church, and high tea with Catherine in Putney.

Here's the 'Before' picture ........
They have had 6 hours steaming, just need a couple more on the day. One for us, one for Mummie, one for Breda.


  1. Hope it turns out well on the day. My other half makes ours and I do the Christmas cake. I like homemade ones best.

  2. Oh lovely, bet they smelt divine! xxx


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