Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jewellery upcycling

Mairead was clearing out her jewellery box and gave me these goodies to upcycle to sell for St Julie's Day on Friday, our mad crazy fundraising School Founders' Day. I'll take them apart and mix them up with some other beads and see what happens.

Show you later in the week.


  1. Lovely collection of beads. I look forward to seeing what you make from them.

  2. So many bright colors, love them!

  3. so pretty!!
    can't wait to see what you from them.

    hope you're having a great weekend~

    big hugs

  4. ♥ lovely colours♥ Have a happy day! xxx Riitta

  5. We just had something similar with my childrens school and I donated a heap of bits and bobs for the kids to make some pretty bracelettes to sell at their fete. Yours look lovely !
    Thanks for so many lovely comments on my blog. I do read them all and smile when I am reading them xo


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