Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bumper crop of pretty finds!

I have just returned from our annual Senior Managment Planning weeknd in Hythe, sorting out all the things we need to before the next school year. We stay in a 4 star hotel, the Mercure. We had Saturday afternoon free, so I did a tour of the charity shops, of which there are plenty! The best one is the Cats' Protection League; excellent variety, very competitively priced and with very friendly service.

I have one of these pyrex ramekins already, so nice to find two more to match it.
I can't resist any Hello Kitty bargains!
Silver pickle fork and pretty glass dish / tray. I think the glass cups will look nice with a candle inside - show you when I have made them.
Bon-bon or trinket dish, not quite decided which it will be yet.

 Rose pretties
Smart pinny for culinary activities. Total spend: less than £10!
Susan sneaked Poppy along! We took her for some very windswept walks along the seafront before breakfast each morning.
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  1. Those ramekins are so cute! I love vintage glass. And the "pinnie" is fantastic!

  2. ♥ love your finds! Happy day, my friend! xxx Riitta

  3. Nice stuff, lovely flowered ones!

  4. The Hello Kitty is very cute! And how lucky are you to find more ramekins?

  5. What lovely finds! The rose things are gorgeous xxx

  6. Such lovely finds! We had a bit of a raid on an antique shop this week which we'll be posting about! I got some gorgeous bits for my birthday from charity shops too. I know some people would laugh that my Mum buys me presents from charity shops, but anyone that hasn't cottened on to how amazing they are is missing out!!


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