Sunday, 23 February 2014

30 Days of Creativity: Part 8 and 9, plus February is a month of letters catch up

I had a making jewellery session this afternoon, after not having made any for a while. All recycled; from bits and pieces given to be or bought in job lots in the fab Thames Hospice shop in Uxbridge. Being strict with the '30 minutes a project' rule, I have counted them as two parts.

Dragonfly earrings made from a charm bracelet given to me by Mairéad

From a wonderful bargain of eighteen bits of broken necklaces for £1.50 (more to follow in a later post . . .)

Over the last two weeks, I have sent three Birthday cards, two Anniversary cards, (handmade, but I forgot to take pictures) two letters, two postcards and a 'just because' card.


  1. ♥ love!! Happy monday, my friend!♥

  2. These are lovely jewellery and you made them! So clever!
    Marion x

  3. Is that Uxbridge Middlesex? because if it is i used to work in the Wimpey as a Saturday girl when I was 15! I am a Pinner girl but also spent a lot of time living in Ruislip. Heather x


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