Friday, 5 November 2010

Remember, remember....

Wonderful smell of cordite in the air tonight. It's Diwali as well as Bonfire Night, so lots of fireworks. I love them! I remember we used to have indoor fireworks at home as well as going down to Stanpit Marshes to see the fantastic displays there - we loved the snake and the man smoking a cigar! We're having baked potatoes for dinner too, but the weather is quite mild at the moment; it doesn't feel very November-y yet. I have some sparklers to wave around and get into the spirit of things.

Breda gave me this wonderful box full of hundreds of buttons - they belonged to her mother, and some are the most beautiful Art Deco style. I'll have a great time picking out ones to use.

I've gone mad on buttons since I found this lovely necklace in my fave Chiswick charity shop, and have made a few for friends since.

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  1. Feeling very nostalgic, sounds fab, wish I could have been there too. What a gorgeous box of buttons! how could she bare to get rid of them, I never would, I too love buttons.


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