Sunday, 19 December 2010

Deep and crisp and even ...

Snowing most of the day yesterday, looks lovely!

Went to a party at Suzanne's this afternoon, which was fun; mulled wine to warm us up, and good company.
Saw this sweet igloo on the way; a stylish Eskimo to have pink satin inside!

 Inspired by all the whiteness, I made these little flowers with a snowy theme. We do have school tomorrow, so I shall skate/ski to the station  nice and early.


  1. What gorgeous picture's I saw bottles of mulled wine for sale in Ikea today..The tree reminds me of when we used to go to Winchester & count all the tree's on the way home, those were the days, doesn't look like Nanny is going to make it till xmas, or if she does not long after!! how cute is that igloo the girls would be over the moon with that, oh I do hope I can get back next year, "I can dream" but even then doesnt mean it will snow xx

  2. Looks as if we will be having old-fashioned winters for the next few years, so you will probably be lucky! Do you remember, we never cheated when counting the Christmas trees - never crossed our minds to!


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