Thursday, 2 December 2010


Snow!! Not as much as Wales or Scotland, but very pretty all the same.

The Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park looks so lovely from my classroom window, almost like a black and white photo today as the light was so white.

And the Peace Garden, eponymous! I took a stroll after school as we cancelled after school clubs. A white dog was playing in the snow - hope his owner didn't lose him!

               The white-on-white of the silver birches is really striking too.

Hope it lasts a little while longer, but clears up before Saturday, so I can go to Winchester.

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  1. Gorgeous, am quite jelous of the snow, we have had rain here for about 2 weeks, I hate it with a passion. My hut is up but am not going to take photos yet until the rain stops & I can put the cushions in & the curtain up I made. The girls too want to be with the snow,I will save up & try & come back next christmas!! The last picture is lovely you should make it into christmas cards x


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