Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nice work, Mr Johnson

Every time I go to Paris I always take lots of pictures of the Metro station entrances, and  the New York subway as well. As I use it every day, I tend to forget that the Tube signs are just as beautifully designed. This is Knightsbridge, just by Harrods. Overseas tourists appreciate the work of Mr Edward Johnson, and I think we should look up occasionally and enjoy the clean lines of his great contribution to London's architecture as well.

I went to a lovely concert this eve, all about birds and beasts, by the BBC singers. It was a live recording for Radio 3 at St Paul's church Knightsbridge, a beautiful neo-Gothic church with the most beautiful tiled bible scenes and gilt-wood carvings. No photos sadly, other wise I could show you. Thanks to Anthony, who got the tickets for me.

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  1. I agree, the tube signs are great, I love them, no wonder they have them put on t.shirts etc, the one you put up is a little different from the others isn't it x


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