Monday, 17 January 2011

tea for two

Our neighbours seem to throw away an awful lot of things that are beautiful / useful. We have 'liberated' from the rubbish amongst other things a lamp base with glass balls, a wicker trunk which is great for stashing books and magazines, various textiles and this very pretty tea set. I found some plates at a pound a piece to accompany it in a charity shop in Winchester for genteel tea.

The roses teapot was a wonderful bargain at just a pound from the Cancer Research shop in Hounslow, and the not-quite-matching-but near-as-damn-it cup, 50p.

Relatively speaking, this cup and saucer was expensive at 2.50! It may yet become a candle.......

All this talk of tea has made me want to go and put the kettle on - spitting feathers, me!

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  1. Very nice, I do love people's chuck outs. Its amazing what people get rid of! you do like your tea cups, I like bone china but I prefer a mug, it doesnt go cold so quickly x


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