Friday, 15 July 2011

Activities Week

The girls have been off timetable this penultimate week of term, and have been doing lots of exciting things - home (ice skating, watersports, Hampton Court Palace, 10 pin bowling, circus skills, dance/drama, cooking, craft) or away (Spain on a language trip, 2 activity holidays in Norfolk and Weymouth) The girls doing their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award were camping and hiking on the North Downs). I was with them today meeting them at checkpoints so they didn't get lost! Perfect day for hiking, not too hot and a nice breeze. They all did really well with their map reading, and are enjoying the experience of cooking on a Trangia and sleeping under canvas, as luckily it hasn't rained - might be a whole different story if it had been wet!

The rest of the week, Jan and I have been running the Craft activities, making jewellery and corsages.

Those who were patient and neat got the best results!

                                           I made a couple of examples to start with

Marcia got the hang of it really speedily, and created this very pretty brooch and hair decoration combo to match her outfit.

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  1. Very clever girls, they are lucky to have you as their teacher to do fun things Marcia's hair, very Kate Middleton x


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