Sunday, 18 September 2011


Hearts in abundance for my birthday! Pippa gave me amongst other treasures this lovely tin, and Kenya made me this sweet heart. I'd admired the one she made for Mummie, and now I'm lucky enough to have my own, crafted by her.

Mummie gave me this kit to make a hanging heart as well, so I spent a very pleasant and relaxing hour or so this afternoon making it. I made a template so I can make another, and just used one butterfly.

Flutter by, Butterfly!


  1. Cant go wrong with hearts, I collect them & have lots of hangy ones, so if your ever stuck for a presie!!! love the kit mum gave you sooo pretty, been so busy lately with everything will talk to you soon xx

  2. Happy birthday! J'adore aussi les coeurs, il y en a partout dans la maison. Bisous.


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