Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I had a lovely weekend with Mummie; we went to all our favourite shops of lovely things (and bought some presents for Christmas - won't blog them just yet!) on Saturday afternoon, and to see the Yeoman of the Guard at the Regent Centre in the evening. On Sunday, Pippa rang after church, so nice to talk to her and Milli, who told me all about her birthday party, (including the names of all her friends that came!) and we went for a very nice lunch at the Bailey Bridge.

Mummie spotted this motorbike outside an antique/all sorts of interesting things shop;and found out it was made by an inmate in prison and then sold on a few times.

We've both been collecting things for the boxes - I love scouring the shops looking for things to put in them! - and I took down mine.

One for a little boy

One for a little girl

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  1. Wish I could have been with you both but at least I could talk to you... wow your gifts for the box's look very exciting, they will love them, looks alot to go into a shoe box, those poor children who dont get anything, its very sad, but at least one lucky boy & girl will get yours xx


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