Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Swapsie

Look at my lovely swapsie gifts from Mama Syder! All beautifully wrapped in festive cellophane, and all carefully chosen: she knows me really well just from my blog!

Some piano music, (complete with choreography instructions!), seasonal tissues and a hanging pomander combining my twin loves of hearts and flowers!

Sweet crocheted tree bunting (now adorning the sofa like anti-macassars) and a lustre-glass bowl of pine cones that smell of Christmas - cloves and star anise.

And this dainty teacup candle - cinnamon scented. Thankyou so much Mama - I am thoroughly spoilt! Many thanks too to Lakota at for setting up the swap; a fantastic idea and great fun. Have a look at her blog and you can see other swapsie gifting.


  1. Happy christmas to a Lovely new Friend! Thankyou so much for my swapsie gifts, I love every single perfectly picked, Thankyou xxx

  2. What a great idea, yes hand picked just for you, I would like to do it too next year x

  3. Oh what lovely gifts - sorry I'm just getting round to catching up with everyone now. So glad you enjoyed the swap.

    Happy New Year!


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