Sunday, 18 December 2011

Edible Christmas Gifts: part 1

Time has flown by in a whirl of concerts, carol services, special assemblies, pantomime Peter Pan and rushing to finish units of work, and still 2 days to go! Plus writing cards to beat the last posting deadline. I spent the weekend catching up with myself, and making some Christmas gifts from the kitchen. This Cranberry and Juniper sauce is for Teresa - together with some summer fruits vodka which I shall decant and show you tomorrow. Saucer from a charity shop, jam spoon from an Ebay job lot of fancy spoons, recycled jar and label and hat from Morrisons.

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  1. Love the spotty jar covers, funnily enough I too made use of my lid covers when I made Caramelised onion jam for my friends in my mothers group, will post a picture on my blog soon x


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