Wednesday, 18 January 2012

HAPPY LOVES ROSIE: Happy Greeting Card Winner

HAPPY LOVES ROSIE: Happy Greeting Card Winner: ...and the winner for the Happy Greetings Card competition is.... SKY BLU PINK She suggested the lovely idea, that we go on a Murder Mystery weekend....
I entered this competition on the lovely Happy Loves Rosie blog to suggest a way for Happy and her husband Freddy to celebrate their Silver Wedding - and I won! I'm sooooo pleased! I win a beautiful set of hand made cards designed by Happy - I'll blog them when they come. Have a look at Happy's blog - she lives in a wonderfully colourful house that would make you smile all the time! Her eclectic sense of style is amazing, and everything looks perfectly in its bright, vintage place.

Thankyou so much, Happy - I'm so touched to have won! Let me know where you go, and whodunnit!


  1. Wow, Congratulations! I love Happy Loves Rosies blog, fab isnt it. What a lovely prize to win x

  2. Just found your sweet blog...and lucky you...Rosie is such a dear! xoxo

  3. I met Happy once, and she is lovely - just as lovely as she comes across in her blog. Congratulations on winning. x


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