Monday, 2 January 2012

Tea and resolutions

Mug from Primark last year amidst the Royal Wedding souvenirs, saucer from Cath Kidston. My Christmas cake, and a dear little Florentine from Morrisons.

A nice little afternoon tea on this Bank Holiday, whilst I contemplate some resolutions, all of a practical nature:
1. Buy only what's necessary; (ie food and housekeeping) with the occasional charity shop treat. I'm fast running out of space to store it all.
2. More sleep. Less procrastination at midnight getting ready for the next day.Do it earlier!
3. Increase my fitness levels. An hour of Pilates a week and running up and down 5 flights of stairs several times a day whilst adequate probably  isn't enough. Dust off my bike and pump up the tyres.
4. Aim to be tidier (the most difficult of all!)
Let's see if I can keep them!

Other things:

Cash in my Christmas present from Sean - 10 lessons in a new language (I think I'll try Dutch).
Complete my Theology course.
Sell the Kent land and house-hunt  in Wiltshire.
Hand-make more of my gifts and presents.
Set up my Folksy shop.
Put things I don't need on Ebay.
Blog as often as I can.
Write real correspondence on pretty stationery.

I'll add to the list as the year progresses, and let you know how I'm getting on!


  1. Yep seems like there are some very similar goals for this year...good luck...
    Kirsti xxx

  2. Love the mug, I too have some resolutions but are still in my head & not on paper, hope I stick to them. Like yours though x

  3. I must try and sort out my resolutions - more do's for the year than don'ts though. I like the writing more letters one.

  4. Hello! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! Your Cath Kidston tea mug is wonderful! I had not seen this one before, and I love Cath Kidston! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Your resolutions sound a lot like mine..Lol!!!
    Best wishes,


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