Sunday, 26 February 2012

Congratulations Sam and Tony!

I made some heart shaped red fairy cakes, iced with white chocolate and decorated with a Swizzels' Love Heart, (remember them?!) for Sam and Tony to celebrate their nuptials. Heart shaped silicone muffin cases made the job easier, and I found a sweet heart-decorated plate in Tiger (fab Danish shop!) and wrapped in 'Love' cellophane from our local 'sells everything' shop.To accompany, some teatowels including this one with hearts on it. It'll be February's Monthly Make on the Flickr group, along with the cherry cake from yesterday's post.


  1. I love Tiger! We used to have one in Solihull! The cakes look really lovely, what a great gift!

  2. What a gorgeous gift. Congrats to the happy couple x


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