Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fabrics Galore!

Sue and I met up recently to go to this eponymous shop as we hadn't paid it a visit for years. The usual tempting treats, we both set ourselves a budget, and actually came in under, both of us!

This gorgeous patisserie print in linen mix will become some piped cushion covers.

The next few are samples to show the different colourways, about fat quarter size each, at just 50p per swatch, bargain!

More cakes, probably jam pot covers.

Lavender and Rose bags?

Enough for a couple of Book Bags.

Patchwork? Total spend in Fabrics Galore! - £7.

This lovely summery print is actually a tablecloth from the 99p Shop, but I think it will become a gathered skirt, and I will get another one for its designed purpose.

 And I thought this beautiful display of pansies on my way to school was well worth a photograph.


  1. What a fantastic selection if fabrics xx

  2. ♥ love your beautiful fabrics and flower! Have a happy day, my dear friend! xxx Riitta

  3. That first fabric swatch is my fav ! You will be busy busy busy with all of that sewing ahead of you ! lol
    I have a really bad habit of buying fabrics with a purpose in mind and then it just sits there gathering dust in my craft cupboard. I have to avoid the craft stores these days ! Make sure that you share what things you make with us all xo

  4. what a beautiful selection of fabrics! #1 and #2 are my favourites!

    i thoroughly enjoyed your post.

    big hugs!

  5. Love the first one!

  6. Great selection of fabrics. I think the patisserie one is my favourite.
    Gorgeous pansies!


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