Sunday, 4 August 2013

Eurostar awayday to Lille

I love hopping over to Lille for the day; it's less than an hour and a half, I can have a whole day in France and be back home by 10pm.

There is a Metro, but I prefer to walk around as you can see more. Lots of 'looking up, looking down' (Thanks, Rinda, I borrowed the phrase from you!)
Just one of so many beautiful doorways
The floor of Oxfam Friperie, where I found for 2 Euro a sweet pink and grey paisley skirt.
 Above  doorways
Lots more photos to share - tomorrow!


  1. De jolies photos qui montrent la richesse des monuments !

  2. ♥ beautiful things! best regards Riitta♥

  3. Lovely photos it looks a beautiful place xx

  4. Those first two make such a beautiful pairing! And it's interesting how the floor pattern echoes the pattern of the metro. I wish I could take a day trip to France!


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