Thursday, 2 January 2014

30 Days of Creativity: Part 1

Shazronnie over at inspired me to have a go at this as my next challenge: (30 days of creativity is spending 30 minutes doing something creative for 30 days, the days do not have to be consecutive.January 1st seems a good day to start.
A little while ago, I promised Debbie an owl. They seem to be all the rage, along with foxes. It was meant to be for a Christmas gift, but I didn't get round to it. It did actually take longer than 30 mins, as the stitches were so tiny, but no matter. So here he is, a little felt brooch. Hope she likes him!



  1. ♥ ooo, love him! ♥ Have a nice day, my dear friend!

  2. What a cute little guy and what an interesting challenge. This year one of the changes I am trying to make is to cut some time wasting habits so can use that time to me creative or productive in other areas. I like the 30 minute idea.

  3. Really cute! I haven't seen many foxes around but I do love them.


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