Sunday, 26 January 2014

Burns Night

Wishing everyone Scottish a very Happy Burns Night! Linking up with Liz at: for her Big Bloggy Burns Supper.

Link-up for all things Scottish!
Vegetarian haggis, tatties and neeps for our Burns Night Supper, with braised red cabbage and apple. 

Proper Scottish shortbread, perfect with a nice cup of tea.
 Sean bought me this Hello Kitty iPad cover for Christmas; she is sporting a kilt and tartan bow!

Scotties on a Christmas shortbread tin
And Hamish, a gift from Anthony, doing a very good job of keeping the airing cupboard open whilst I was putting the laundry away.
I found out today that in Imperial Russia Robert Burns was translated into Russian and became a source of inspiration for the ordinary Russian people, and in Soviet Russia, he was considered to be the archetypal poet of the people, so far away from his homeland. So, Happy Birthday, Rabbie, voted the Greatest Ever Scot; ahead of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and David Tennant!


  1. He gets around, does Mr Burns. The south island of New Zealand is very Scottish. I'm sure if any Scots have travelled there, they would feel right at home, even if the weather is upside down!
    There is a lovely statue of Robert Burns in the middle of Dunedin, which is just the most beautiful city one could ever visit.
    Lots of fabulous images on the interwebs for anyone interested. :)
    Happy Burns Night to you all.

  2. I didn't know the facts about Burns and Russia! Thanks for joining up.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What fun...I will take a plate of that shortbread please! Happy new week to you my friend.

  4. Living on the other side of the ocean I wasnt aware of this bit of Scottish information. But I do love your little scottie, Hamish. Such a hard worker and looking very proper in his red plaid.


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