Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More tea?

Enjoying my first day of half-term proper after spending two days organising and supervising a Revision Centre at school for the girls taking exams in the summer, I made a pilgrimage to my favourite charity shops in Chiswick and Hounslow and got very lucky!

I'm collecting a shabby-chic tea set of mis-matching trios, and found these lovely ones today. I have four now, so will probably stop, unless I see some really pretty ones I simply can't resist...

I think this little all-in-one teapot and cup will be perfect for herbal or fruit tea, with marmalade on toast.

   And this unusual little pot will be home for unusual little pieces of cutlery.

To Winchester with Mummie tomorrow, so shall see what we find there! 

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  1. Lovely, How fab is that blue & white pot, I love it alot, I have seen those teapot & cup ensemble in the shops, I like the idea but the cup is too wide for my liking & the tea goes cold quick, so perfect for herbals, like you say.


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