Sunday, 6 February 2011

St Julie's marmalade

We celebrated St Julie's Day on Friday at school, and I usually make my marmalade before to sell and raise money, but I was even busier then usual this year, so I'll take it in tomorrrow instead. Made 9 pots for school, 1 for my Polish teacher, 1 for Mummie and 1 for me. My friend Teresa gave me the fabric ready cut for patchwork - ideal for hats for the jars.


                                                    During ...............

                                                  After ...............

While I was in an orange mood, I made some spiced rum for Christmas gifts.

And some Seville gin, which has to be left alone for 3 years, when the peel has distintegrated. I hope I can wait that long!

And here's a bit of role reversal - Kathryn and I in school uniform for the day!

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  1. Firstly I cant believe you still have that tabl cloth, I used to love that one, I remember it used to go on that gate legged table with the glass & flowers i think. Your hair has grown again you still look like a school girl even though you are 45!! Marmalade looks jummy I still havnt made any but I did make tomato chutney for my mothers group for christmas it had a nice kick to it xx


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