Sunday, 27 February 2011

Scarf for Laura

My friend Laura is moving to Frankfurt, and I was wondering what to do for a farewell gift. In the end I knitted her (today, in 3 hours) a new cosy scarf to keep her warm in the German winter. I started it on no.8 needles, and did about half, but the fabric was a bit too stiff, so I unpicked it and started again on no.15s; much looser and more flexible.  Debbie gave me the wool, and Laura likes neutral colours, so it was perfect. A fringe on the ends adds a nice detail. I just need to make a card now. Unfortunately, Laura's departure means the end of our Polish lessons, but I shall keep it up. I shall have plenty of speaking practice with girls at school, and will carry on working through the text book. Gabrielle and Krzysia come to my Putney concerts, so I shall still see them regularly. The end of an era though - we all started together nearly 10 years ago.

We have our last lesson tomorrow, so I made some Red Velvet fairy cakes, with a Smartie on top. They are very nice - we sampled one each!

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  1. Lovely I expect your friend will appreciate the scarf in Germany, you clever thing,doing that in 3 hours, I'd say you are fluent enough in Polish to not have lessons anymore & the cakes are making my mouth water, yum yum xx


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