Thursday, 24 March 2011


I was at a conference today for Senior Leaders to raise the A/A* grades from the brightest children, so it's linked in with my work with the Gifted and Talented. There were only 20 of us, and I met up again with a colleague I worked with in Sutton, and a girl I studied with at Southampton, Debbie, who read French and German. Tiny world! Lovely to see them both again.
The conference was at Tower Hill, and I loved the name of the street!

A really good day, with lots to take back to school. We're all at the Docklands Hilton for InSet tomorrow, so another nice lunch to make a change from a sandwich on my lap in 10 mins in the staff common room!

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  1. Yes that is a cool name for a street, however do they think them up. Its so nice to catch up with people you havn't seen for a while, nice luncheon, lucky you x


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