Sunday, 13 March 2011

More flowers

Busy week! I added some daffodils to the tulips for a nice Spring display, and have a pot on the kitchen windowsill too.

I have subscribed to a new craft magazine, which has lot of great ideas, including these flowers. Very simple; cast on 8, cast off 8, 5 times to make 5 chains, cast off completely and fashion each chain into a petal. I used drumstick needles and the super-chunky wool Debbie gave me, and found one of Breda's buttons to finish the centre. Total cost - nothing!!

There was a beautiful new moon the other evening, and it was clear and cloudless. My little camera struggled a bit with the image, but it gives the right impression.

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  1. Great flowers real & wool, you are really getting the hang of the crocheting etc now arn't you? I look at tiny happy every day, I dont know how she does all she does, bionic woman!!


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