Wednesday, 23 March 2011

International Evening

We had an annual International Evening last Friday - good fun, but a lot of work in preparation beforehand. We have the first half of a concert, showcasing songs, music, poems and dances from the huge array of different cultures, and then a shared supper where parents bring their national dishes, then the second half of the concert. We had our star pianist from Vietnam (who takes her Grade 8 next week) Irish dancing (with fiddle playing from me!) Portguese dance, songs and poems in Spanish, Polish, Italian, Polish, German, a role play in French, dances from Korea and Columbia, Japanese taiko drumming, South African singing and recorders, a song in Russian.............

                                                Hungarian Folksongs

                                              Audience and performers


  1. What a great night you had, how multicultural & colourful, I love the outfit of the girl with the lime green tuelle skirt & tiger top, very cool, great to see some of your girls too xx

  2. That's Saioa. She's from Spain, and she helps me translate songs into 'singable' Spanish for the choir. The 2 beautiful African girls behind her are Oriana from Ethiopia in the green and cream, and Rosie in the navy and white flowers is French speaking from the Congo. Lovely girls all of them!


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