Saturday, 25 August 2012

Conserves and preserves

Soft Fruit Glut at the greengrocer! The two of us can't possibly eat it all in pies and crumbles and fruit salads, so time for some jam-making!

Yellow plums make a lovely golden jam

A new experiment: modifying a recipe and adding lavender syrup. Success! The result was delicious!

 Susan gave me a marrow, so with some apples and ginger I made my first Marrow and Ginger Jam. Forgot the 'Before' photo.
The backdrops are some fantastic Marks and Spencer pillowcases from the 1970s, unused, found in a charity shop in Southbourne. Wonderful bright colours!
Some to give away for birthday and Christmas gifts, some to keep to remember the sunshine that helped them grow. Specially today, in the middle of a thunderstorm!


  1. Yum, marrow & ginger sounds scrummy! I adore the pillowcases xxx


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