Wednesday, 1 August 2012

On holiday at last!

I am enjoying the holidays with time to  myself at last!! I went to Tower Bridge to have a look at the Olympic rings on Sunday, and had a long walk around, dodging the rain showers which seemed to follow me! As it was glorious sunshine when I left home, I didn't take an umbrella, and only had my sunglasses.... Never mind. Had a great day anyway.

  Always an impressive sight, you get a better overall view from the South bank, and far fewer people.

  From the North bank

Sean forged this archer and other figures around the castle.

Ancient and Modern

The new skyline, with County Hall and The Shard.

There have been lots of meadows created around Town, and with all the rain and bright sunshine, they look amazing.

Entertainment in Potters' Field, just before the heavens opened!

London is showing itself off very well; the hordes of visitors can't fail to be impressed. The transport system seems to be holding up too - we forget the Tube is well over 100 years old, and the ancient roads in the city not designed for the sheer volume of traffic they have to deal with, let alone cars. Well done London! It's nice to spend time just wandering; usually I am underground travelling to and from school etc. I am enjoying being a tourist in my own city!

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  1. Thank you for such an interesting tour to London and sharing with us your Olimpic atmospher :o) I'm delighted! I wish I could be there too :o)
    Have a nice Olimpic day


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