Monday, 22 April 2013

Cry God for Harry, England and St George!

Happy St George's Day! Red roses all round.

And Happy Birthday Shakespeare! 
I believe we also share our patron Saint with Georgia, Lithuania, Greece, Istanbul and Moscow amongst others, as well as with soldiers, archers, cavalry and chivalry, saddlers, horse riders and farmers. He's a busy Saint!


  1. What a fun sentiment for today - not something we even notice over here in the States!

  2. Happy St George's day then! =)

  3. What fun...hope it was a good day.

  4. ♥ Happy day,my dear friend! xxx Riitta

  5. Please forgive me if I did not look well enough but
    I can not find YOUR NAME ?
    I would like to know your name !
    You leave me such kind comments on my blog and
    the first time I visited yours I was so happy to read
    you are a teacher ( I was too ) you like to be creative ( me too )
    and your husband is A BLACKSMITH
    My grandfather was one and the memories came back !
    I am here again and I saw in the head of your blog
    Wauw ....I admire you for finding those words to describe YOU .
    Can I ask how you chosed the name of your blog ?
    I live in Holland and next tuesday our Queen will step down after being a Queen for 33 years and we will have A KING !
    The whole country will be celebrating that !
    I will be at home and watching tv to follow ALL !
    april 30 has been Queensday for 33 years It was a day-off for every-one and lots of celebrations of all kind everywhere.
    But the most important was .....the children could sell their toys and books and stuf they would not play with anymore ....
    On sqares and in Malls children are allowed to put down a carpet and put down all their things and .....sell
    You cannot believe how many people come to see and buy !
    It's a very happy tradition ......
    The mothers and fathers help of course They are glad the old stuf will be gone .....and the children are happy with the MONEY and they can buy new stuf ..............
    We are now hoping for some good weather !
    Oh you should see what people made for this day
    You as a crafty lady would like it so much !
    I make a new Post tomorrow and put some crafty stuf aside
    so come and take a look !
    Happy weekend !


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