Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Flowers and a concert

I was invited to sing in a lovely concert last Saturday, a mixed programme of English 20th century music for choir, with some brass (Inner City Brass - look and listen out for them, they are marvellous!) and organ music for balance. Richard, the conductor and organiser, gave me the beautiful yellow rose with gypsophila as a Thankyou.

Looks cheerful and spring-like with these double daffodils. 

Sorry, not great quality from my 'classic' pink Sony Ericsson, no iPhone or Blackberry for me! 


  1. Lovely flowers! Would love to hear a clip of the concert.

  2. Lovely flowers =)

  3. They are lovely, I'd love to be able to sing....I'm tone deaf and it always rains after I've sung!!! :) x

  4. I love yellow flowers! Soooo wish I could sing x

  5. Isn't it wonderful to be given flowers ! It is always so nice to be appreciated. I LOVE Daffodils, I have a big patch of them that pop up each year and I have to show considerable restaint to not pick them. I hope yours are blooming extra long for you.


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