Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Getting ready . . .

I have learnt two new skills to decorate the tree this year!

Needle felting with the lovely Jane at Tea and Crafting at Camden Lock:

Easier than I thought, and great fun, and I only stabbed my finger twice!

And with Poppy Chancellor, ( http://poppychancellor.com/papercuts/ ) after seeing her demonstrating on Sunday Brunch on television, paper cutting at Selfridges.

Again, easier then I imagined, and no injuries!  I just need to get myself a nice sharp scalpel!

One cake ready - for Mummie.
Hope you are having a lovely Christmas Eve!

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  1. ♥ Hello, my dear friend! These are so lovely things!♥ Thank you so much for your beautiful Christmas card! ♥♥


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