Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Sunday

As we get ready for Christmas, time to make the cake! Fruit soaked in spiced rum and tropical fruit juice overnight.

Two hours in the oven, and then feeding with more rum, marzipan-ning and topping with fruit just before Christmas!  
I shall spend this evening making Christmas cards and finishing a few things for our school Christmas Fayre on Friday: show you when they are finished.


  1. ♥mmmm, delicious! Have a happy Monday, my dear friend! xxx Riitta

  2. Lovely cake! Wishing you a happy December.
    Helen x

  3. So yummy cake here!

  4. Wow - you're really far along! I just ordered my cards today, and they won't be here for another week. I'm hoping to get the tree up this weekend.

  5. To enjoy the season I am taking a bit of a hiatus from electronics (after work hours that is) I'm only online now trying to get a font for our Christmas cards and thought I'd come a take a peek. Fruit cake is my mom's favorite. I could never get use to it. We got the indoors decorated for Christmas and not many gifts ready or wrapped yet. Gotta go. TTFN

  6. J'aime cette période où l'on passe du temps dans la cuisine qui sent bon ...


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