Saturday, 30 November 2013

30. The End

Well, as this month draws to a close, so does the Blog Every Day in November challenge.  I have managed to do so, often late at night, as I have taken on the responsibility and would not shirk! It has been fun, got me out of my comfort zone by having to blog about all sorts of topics I wouldn't normally cover, and has still attracted some kind comments, so many thanks for those, dear readers!

I take my hat off to bloggers like my dear friend Riitta in Finland, who posts at least once a day. Catch up with her gorgeously colourful and cheerful blog at: Always a delight to look upon!

I shall aim to blog more regularly now I have got into the habit, but not daily, and return to the familiar territory of things I have made, played, sung, seen or discovered!

In Winchester today with Mummie, so here is where I have been,

what treasures I found in charity shops,

and what I made on the journey!

And a very Happy St Andrew's Day to those of you with Scottish ancestry, especially Liz in Greenock and Kirsti in Inverurie if you happen to visit!


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