Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lots of treats

What a treat! I went to Mrs Moon's Wool shop in St Margaret's to a book signing by Jane Brocket. I follow her blog, ( avidly and asked her to sign my copies of her 5 books; (I did email her first to see if she minded me monopolising her!) and she generously obliged! She obviously reads all her comments, and remembers who wrote what, as she knew all about me from comments I've left - most impressed! I don't know how she has the time to knit, make quilts, write books, bake cakes, look after 3 teenagers and a husband!

Homemade lemonade and cakes by Jane  (a true domestic goddess!) and Susan from Mrs Moon's made it even more of a treat. I found some sweet gingham ribbon and some very pretty buttons to be turned into hairpins or brooches. The lovely plate was a lucky find in Weybridge when I last went to see Lorna.

Up the road in another nice little shop, this basket called my name and asked to come home with me, and it would have been rude to refuse!

Home via the High St, and - oh joy! -  Tiger has opened a branch in the Treaty Centre! Pro:saves a trip to Hammersmith when I want a quirky pressie for someone special or little treat for me. Con:too much temptation when I'm only supposed to be buying groceries.... Found these lovelies. Then, a plain navy Gap skirt in my favourite charity shop, which will receive a nautical treatment to make it a bit more special. Quite a haul for not much money.

A gorgeous perfume from this beautiful blossom met me outside St Margaret's station; I think it might be linden. I must go on a hunt for elderflowers as well, to make some cordial.

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  1. Hello! I LOVE the buttons and the plate is to die for. Well spotted.


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