Monday, 13 June 2011

More music-making

Another opportunity to make music collectively yesterday; Haydon Chamber Orchestra with Beethoven Coriolan Overture, Mozart Flute concerto no. 2 with Csenge, (say 'Chengee' as she's Hungarian) Rossini, (Signor 'Crescendo'), Cinderella overture and Mozart Paris Symphony. Had a good fanbase; Suzanne, Krzysia and Michael, Gabrielle, Ursula and David all came to listen. The concert was for the Stroke Association, and we made a good amount of money.

On the way, I found a lovely cake decorating shop - check out these biscuits! Too pretty to eat!

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  1. Je suis ravie de pouvoir venir me promener à mon tour sur tes jolies pages. C'est à croquer ces petits gâteaux! Bises Anne.


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