Tuesday, 14 June 2011

More lucky finds

I found this handmade apron for just a pound, and will add pockets, a pincushion and a loop for scissors so I can wear it when I am sewing. Then I won't be searching for the needle I have stuck in my clothes or the arm of the sofa, I can keep little bits and pieces in the pockets and the scissors will be always to hand.

I liberated this droplets from a broken light fitting someone had thrown away in the rubbish. They are glass, but after a good wash will look nice and shiny like crystal. To become earrings perhaps, or to trim a bag.

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  1. Hello, sorry I havnt left comments to your last few blogs, my internet has slowed down as I've used up my quoter & its sooo slow. You have been busy I love the cakes & all your other bits & bobs. I wish we had tiger here its such great VFM.xx


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