Sunday, 5 June 2011

Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside!

I went down to see Mummie for Thursday and Friday of Half term, and on the way went to the Russell-Cotes museum, which I hadn't visited since I was at school. Just outside on the railings on the Overcliff were these wonderful seaside-y metal sculptures - great fun!

The museum has had a Lottery grant and has had much work done to modernise the visitors' entrance, shop and cafe whilst still retaining the lovely Victorian / Edwardian opulance I remember in the main house and exhibition spaces, with the indoor fountains and Moorish mosaics the highlights.

What views!

The family were real globe-trotters - they must have been amongst the first to visit Japan when it opened itself to the West, visiting in the 1880s. How long must that have taken by train and sea?! Also to Russia, Scandinavia and other farflung European destinations, with lovely things brought back as souvenirs.

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  1. Great sculptures, love the beach hut & ice cream cone. The actual museum with all the turrets looks like a building we used to party at in Westbourne after the third side on a saturday night. Fabulous x


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