Saturday, 13 August 2011

Brighton Rock

A day by the seaside in Brighton today. I wandered around the Lanes this morning, and had rock salmon and chips for lunch on the seafront; de rigueur for a day at the beach.

I spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Art Gallery and Museum, in the Pavilion Gardens, where there was an Egyptian Room, Fashion of the last 150 years, Design of the 20th century, with furniture, homeware, silver, some local history and World artefacts. The Pavilion itself is so pretty, sugar-coated like a wedding cake.

                                                      Some pretty houses with cottage gardens

                                                                    And a pretty shop

                                                                Guess what these sell!

                                            Impressive ironwork for a Tapas restaurant

Then a stroll around the North Laine, browsing in the shops and buying some presents, and along this wonderfully-named street, I made my way back to the station and back to London. A lovely bright(on) sunny day!

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  1. You have been busy, love the quant houses & as for the shop..... I want it, I would love a little shop like that, It looks very intrigueing x


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