Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ladies who lunch

I joined Mrs Moon's Knitting Circle today; they meet every Thursday at 10.30 in Mrs Moon's Wool shop in St Margaret's near Twickenham. I met some lovely ladies, and made some more flowers.

A mediterranean lunch with Suzanne at Zoran's, outside at a patio table watching the world go by, and then saw this wonderful toolbox! Lots of little compartments for tiny things. Just the very thing for W i P by the side of the sofa to keep things neat and tidy (that's the plan, anyway....)

Next door to Zoran's this beautiful shop selling all manner of French fancies, smelling of roses.

All in all, very nice leisurely day, full of rainbows, and I managed to dodge the rain showers.


  1. Je reconnais les assiettes Comptoir de Famille, j'ai les mêmes en bleu! Charmant tableau!Bisous

  2. OMGEE another gorgeous shop selling curiousities, I collect hanging hearts, I likey very much, & the leopard box, "one word", Jealous!! x


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