Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dreaming Spires

I had a lovely day in Oxford today, by train.A sunny day, despite the threat of  'a 40% chance of precipitation' according to the met office!

I spent a very pleasant couple of hours in the Ashmolean Museum, much improved and extended now, very well curated. I limited myself to just a few galleries; (and saved others for later) Pre-Christian Mediterranean, Chinese and Japanese (including some tiny tiny netsuke and irono, Samurai armour, a tea-ceremony house, and some amazingly intricate papercuts) instruments;  (a Strad, some Amati and Stainers amongst other beautiful violins - such a shame they are in a museum, though and not being enjoyed by players and listeners alike; and the paintings (my pick - 3 Turners, including one of Oxford, a large collection of Pre-Raphaelites, a fabulous Manet oil sketch that looks like a Picasso, a whole room of Sickert, another of French Impressionists and the first Constable I've really liked, of only clouds. Tea in the basement café afterwards.

It's a wonderful place to wander, around every corner there is a new photo opp. Here are just a few of the many...

Through the Arched Window.........

Worcester College

Lincoln College

Jesus College

More archways




Another fabulous haberdashery shop with my name on it! Bought some lovely bits of trimmings, but they'll be for presents, so won't post them till they have been presented to the recipients!

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