Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Here as promised is a quick glimpse of Lille. Much more do-able in a day than Paris, as everywhere is within walking distance, although there is a Metro and tram. Only 1 1/2 hours from St Pancras on super fast super comfy Eurostar, 65 pounds day return. I arrived at 11 and left at 6.30, had a nice long day. I spent 2 hours in the Palais des Beaux Arts, which was my main aim, as it was closed the last time I went to Lille, wandered around the Old Town, did a bit of shopping, and took lots of photos.

The Palais is well worth a visit - they have a huge collection of paintings; mostly 17th cent Northern European scenes and portraits, but a Turner (hooray!) a couple of Renoir, Manet and Monet (the one of the Thames and Big Ben) a few Sisley, a Picasso, a Leger and a Constable as well as some amazing sketches and cartoons from the 16th century. They have a wonderful collection of porcelain and ceramics from all over the world, sculptures in plaster, marble and bronze, an Egyptian section with 5000 year old sandal soles, and a mummified falcon and cat (that looked like a dolly as it was tiny and had a face drawn on it! Most bizarre!) amongst other sarcophagus offerings, and scale models of Northern French and Belgian towns from the early 1700s, precise to the last tree and house, to help design fortifications to defend against the approaching Austrian army. Fascinating.

                                       Old Town market square, unfortunately Friday isn't market day

Lovely doors

Caryatids always remind me of Prague

Detail on Opera House

Look up!

The perfect shop! Sells all manner of haberdashery: ribbons, beads, lace, buttons...


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  1. Quelle jolie ville, tes photos sont magnifiques. Plein de bises


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